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Currently Chargebee sends an email for new revenue but we would like to get email notices of other events such as failed and successful payments, card expiring/expired and so on.

These significant events are things which we want to be able to be informed about in real time without needing to login and build filters and the like which we have to do now.


We provide a "BCC" option which can be enabled in your ChargeBee site. When this option is enabled, a copy of the emails sent to customer are sent to the "From address" configured. This option can be enabled under Settings > Email Notifications > Settings.

Here’s a screenshot for your reference.


Additionally, you could also configure specific email addresses for specific email notiifications. For example, if you would want the “Card Expired” email sent to your Accounts team, you can change the “From Address” for the “Card Expired” email template to that of your Accounts team.

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We released Email Notifications v2 a few months back, that lets you set email addresses for CC and BCC at individual email notification level, in addition to defining them on a site level for all notifications. 

In addition to having the option to handpick the notifications to be BCCed, you can also set a CC address to that other colleagues from your team can stay in the loop and respond to your customers. 

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