Paid / Discounted Trial

It would be great if there was an option for a paid trial period or discounted trial period.

We are about to offer a product that will cost $30 + $9 shipping. The subscription is $39 per month however we want to offer the first month free with only the shipping charged ($9).

We can do this with coupon /discount codes however we want this offer to be available to everyone from the start.

So the option for either paid trial period or the ability to have a separate line item for shipping would be good.

Another way that it could be done is if the setup fee was charged at the time of signup before the trial commenced and then we could just charge the "Set up" fee text to say "Shipping"

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Hey Paul! You could set up the subscription with no trial period and give a discount of $30 for the first month. At the moment, we do not have the option to set a paid or discounted trial period. This is part of our roadmap but we do not have an ETA.


Yes I do understand about discounts and this is the only way I can do it for the movement however as I mentioned we want it to be standard part of the subscription and it is very messy to have to display the discount code somewhere else on our site and ask people to enter it.

Surely this becomes one more roadblock to get people to sign up and will lower our conversion rate.

Hi Paul, 

Yes, we understand that this is an important feature. We assure you that this is indeed part of our product roadmap. Sorry.

Please add us to this request. We already give our users a free trial when they sign up for our site, however, this free trial is limited in features for the protection of our paid members and does not require a credit card or payment info. Prior to using CB, we had a $4.99 trial that converted to a full monthly subscription after 3 days, giving the new user an opportunity to try all the features at the same time protecting our current users.

This feature should be at the top of your list. Thanks!

Hi Robert,

Thanks for letting us know. We will update you once this feature is released.

This feature would be of huge importance to our product offering. How's the roadmap going? I see the last post on this was almost 3 years ago.

Hello Chris, 

Thanks for reaching out to us! Our product team has still not taken up this request and we do not have this feature mapped in our roadmap anytime soon. This is also because we have not received a considerable number of requests for this to be taken up at an urgent basis. 

We will definitely write back to you once we get an update from our product team. 



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