Credit Card Surcharge

It would be good to have the option to have credit card surcharges applied to the order based on the credit card the customer pays with.

For example it is very common that visa and master card attracts no surcharge but anyone who pays with American Express attracts a 1.5% surcharge.

This would automatically apply once the customer entered an AMEX number

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Hey Paul! You could use the “Metered Billing” option to add charges based on the customer's payment method. Currently, we don't have the option to add surcharges in ChargeBee. However, this is part of the feature requests list and we plan to work on this in the future.

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Hi Charanya

Could you please create a tutorial for how to do this? I'm having the same problem.



Hi Marc,

We do not have a tutorial at the moment for this. 

"Metered Billing" is a feature which when enabled in your site will generate the invoices in 'pending' state and it will not be sent to your customers immediately. Soon as the invoice is generated, you can calculate the surcharges at your end and add it to invoice as a charge line item before you raise it to the customer.

I have made a video on how this can be done. Here it is. 

Hope this helps. 



Hi folks, this feature would be important for us. Is it possible today or does it need to go via the callback hack depicted above? The issue is, that the end customer might change the payment method after the first billing cycle, so we would need to surcharge by api every time?
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