Customer portal login - redirect_url not working?

I want customers to be redicted to a page on my site after they sign in to customer portal. I pass return_url and cancel_url to But after sign i, the customer stays on the portal,, and not redirected to return_url.  "Go Back" link though links to cancel_url

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Hi Andrey!! The return URL has to be whitelisted for the redirection to occur. To do this, whitelisting has to be enabled for your ChargeBee site. We’ve already done this for you. You could now add your domain name under  Settings> Hosted Pages Settings> Whitelist Return URL and then specify the “return_url” and “cancel_url”.

Same problem! Followed your suggestions and it still doesn't work

Same Problem here.

I'm seeing this too.  I have added my domain to the whitelist but after successful login I am not redirected to my site.  I just get the "Manage Subscriptions" page.

Yes customer support said this feature was depreciated and they didn't update the documentation. 

Hey there, you can make use of the portal callback() function to redirect the customers as per your requirement. Here is the link to the document.

Swetha Ganesh: I can redirect to a URL on my site using your suggestion but how can auth_session_id and auth_session_id be retrieved for use with API to activate the portal session?

You can use the create a portal session API to get the session id and the token. Once you have the info, you can pass it to the activate a portal session API call and generate the portal instance. 

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