Feature Release Announcements - March 2015

List of new features and improvements that have been added to ChargeBee in March 2015.

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New Features & Enhancements:


Delete Invoice API

You can now delete an invoice using the Delete an Invoice API. While making a request to this API, the specified invoice has to be passed. The delete operation id performed after checking the invoice for certain preconditions.

Enhancements :

Enhancements to Portal Session API

You can now restrict access to parts of your website to existing customers alone by using the Portal Session API. You can make use of ChargeBee's authentication without having to handle it on your own. Here's more on that.

Attach Invoice with Payment Successful Mail

When a payment successful email notification is sent out to customers, the invoice can now be attached to the email. 

New Currency Support

You can now support South Korean Won with ChargeBee.

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