Feature Release Announcements - November 2014

List of new features and improvements that have been added to ChargeBee in November 2014.

New Features & Enhancements:

Change Subscription Preview

When making changes to the subscription(upgrade/downgrade) through the ChargeBee admin console, you will now be able to preview the changes and confirm them,before actually applying them.

Restrict country listing in Shipping, Billing and Card Address Fields in Hosted Pages

You can now also show only selected countries in the billing, shipping and card address “Country” fields drop down on your Hosted Pages. Reach out to support for enabling this feature.

Advanced filters added to ShipStation

Customers can now filter orders based on subscription and customer details instead of just invoice and line items.

Customer Support can collect outstanding payments

Earlier, only users with the Owner or Admin role were allowed to collect payments for “Payment Due” invoices. Now, users with Customer Support Role can collect payments as well.

Dashboard with metrics for 6 months

The metrics dashboard initially only showed the last 1 or 3 months data. Now you can compare and analyze metrics for the past 6 months.

API Enhancements:

New filter attribute

There is a new “paid_on_after” attribute for the “List Invoices” API. This will allow you to retrieve invoices by filtering them using the paid date of the invoice.

Orders API has been added

Using the Orders API, you can now link to any third party shipping/order management application like Shipstation. Note that this is only supported via the API and you need to enable it in your ChargeBee admin console under 

"Settings > Site Settings > Site Info > Enable Order Management”.

Is there any template for an API integration with Shipstation? Or are you working on a Shipstation integration down the road?


The integration with ShipStation is done by exporting orders from ChargeBee and importing them into ShipStation.  

This is how it currently works:

1. Export orders from ChargeBee. We have filters that can be applied during export. 

2. Upload the exported files to ShipStation. 

3. Orders are automatically created in ShipStation. 

We can also notify you of new orders through emails.

Direct integration with ShipStation is something we will be developing in the future.

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