Customer Self-Service Portal for Subscriptions.

Why is this important?

Subscriptions are all about building lasting relationships with your customers. What if you could confidently tell them that they are in charge of their billing? What would that mean for your commitment to being transparent?

Gone are the days of hidden enterprise pricing and we believe that the Customer Portal is a huge step towards helping you build trust with your customers. 

Plus, you can easily reduce billing related support queries by leveraging the power of this self-service portal.

What all actions can the customers take? 

With the Customer Portal, you can let your customers - 

  • look-up past invoices & transactions.
  • download invoices for reference.
  • change personal information including shipping, if applicable.
  • change card information securely.

Manage Subscriptions

Now you can also let customers manage their plans and add/remove addons themselves using "Edit Subscriptions" in the customer portal. 

Portal is completely configurable:

And you can control which features you would like to expose as part of Customer Portal as configurations.

If you have not implemented it yet, go ahead & pass this to your team. Click here for detailed documentation & assistance.

Thanks finally i understood the difference between nordstrom and Customer Self-Service Portal... employee portal is for employee for who works for any particular companies while customer self service portal is for customers care..


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