UI redesign to include more columns, saved searches & named filters.

We have been chipping away collecting all the data & feedback on User Interface to make it easier & better. Recently we started the project to revamp the UI and improve the usability of the application. 

Our sincere thanks to all of you, who have been patient & providing some great feedback. 

Some of the key focus areas in the new design are:

  • a layout that allows more columns of data in any specific record.
  • minimise the number of clicks required to take actions on Subscriptions, Plans etc.,
  • keep the changes restricted only to visual elements, without any drastic changes to search, filters.
  • and most importantly it should help improve performance, even better than what is already there.

Subsequent to this change, we will be implementing a series of improvements that will allow you to:
  • create "Views" - choose any column of data you wish to see & save.
  • create saved filters - with a combination of search filters & columns of data.
  • create saved searches - create a combination of columns, filters & save them as views.
  • take bulk actions like "Delete", "Archive" etc.,

Here are a few snapshots for your review, to know what is coming up:

All these design pages, include some future changes like saved filters etc., as well. In the upcoming release we will be publishing minimal changes that will allow you to view more columns, but not have flexibility to add any column you wish to see. Similarly  there will be pre-saved searches but not the ability to name your own view. 

Please provide your feedback & we look forward to making it even better. Thanks.

How can I save filter on Product Catalog -> Plans page?

There is no way to do this. Could you please add this feature?

Hi Oleg!

This feature is certainly part of our roadmap already but we do not have an ETA at the moment.

We've rolled out support for saving filters now. More on that here.

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