Feature release announcements - June 2014

List of new features and improvements that have been added to ChargeBee in June 2014.

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New Features

Refersion Integration

Setup a referral program using this new integration. Currently only supported for hosted page users. You can get started under "Settings > 3rd Party Integration".

Customer Portal Access Via API

For merchants integrating with ChargeBee via the API, if you're using a login system within your application for your customers, they can get access to the customer portal through your application. This can be done with our Portal Sessions API.

Apply Charges & Addons to customers

You can now apply adhoc charges and addons to the "Customer" object. This means that if you're looking to charge customers random intervals and you do not necessarily need a plan/subscription to manage them, you can do this now by creating a new customer and then adding charges as required.

This is available through the application as well as the API.

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