How to change the subscriptions to the ‘HOLD’ state?

1. Do I have an option to hold the subscription for some time?

2. Is it possible to pause the subscription for a while?

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At the moment, we do not have an option to change the subscriptions to the ‘Hold’ or ‘Pause’ state but as an alternative you can either change the next billing date of the subscription or change the subscription to a temporary plan that will help you in achieving this.

Changing the next billing date of the subscription: 

You can change the ‘Next Billing At’ date for the subscription so that the customer pertaining to the customer will only be charged on the modified date. To do this, select the subscription and click on the ‘Change Next Billing’ option on the right side panel. 

Changing the subscription to a temporary plan: 

Create a $0 plan and move the subscriptions to this plan. Now, the subscriptions will continue to be in the ‘Active’ state but will not be charged as the plan cost is $0. Please note that if you do not wish to send invoices to these subscriptions, you will have to select the ‘Hide Zero Dollar Line Items’ options under Settings > Site Settings > Site Info.

I'm looking for a 'Pause' feature too. I can't find it in the API.

Do you have any update about it? Or is Jai last year reply still up to date?

Hi François, 

Sorry but at the moment, we do not have any new updates on this. We will surely inform you as soon as this is implemented.


Is it possible to do this with numerous subscribers, without selecting the subscriptions one by one ?


Hey Mila,

Sorry, we do not have an option to put the subscriptions on hold. So you would have to change the next billing date for the subscriptions if you do not want your customers to pay for a specific period.

You can do this using the "Change Term End" bulk operation if you want to do it in bulk. You will find this option under "Settings > Bulk Operations > Perform an Operation".

We are going to really need this with our education recurring billing business.  

Customers will say I'm going on vacation for a month, but I don't want to cancel my account.  Is there a way to freeze it for 1 month?  

On the Customer Portal ..  It was my experience with my previous business that customers .. when presented with freeze vs cancel, 40% of them freeze for a few months instead of cancel.

That's a whole lot of revenue you're missing out on if they're forced to cancel.

Any plans for this?

Hello Gregg

I'm happy to let you know that we've now released the Pause Subscription feature. This is currently supported only using our APIs and needs to be enabled from the backend.

Here's more on this feature. Let us know if you'd like us to enable it for your site.

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