Feature release announcements - May 2014

New Features

Customer Portal

We've released our initial version of the customer portal.

Your customers can now login and manage their account themselves. Customers can update their credit card, account, billing & shipping address, view and download past invoices and also cancel their subscription. You can control what your customers can do in the portal as well.

Next up we'll be adding more features to the portal such as Google/Facebook login, ability for customers to change their subscriptions, API access and more.

Find out more about our portal release here.

Customer Object in the admin console

You can now create a customer through the admin console and create multiple subscriptions for a customer. This means that you can reuse the customer's existing card and account details when creating another subscription for an existing customer.


A small step to make our analytics and reporting more powerful. We've added MRR and CMRR values on the dashboard.

Fantastic idea - cant wait to see more.  Tried the 'here' link above but it didnt work for me, also looked on the setting page of our site and cant see a customer portal section - however this feature will save us weeks of development...thanks ChargeBee!



Hey Nick, if you're on the old version of the hosted pages, you'll need to upgrade to the newest hosted pages. Email us at support@chargebee.com and we'll help with the upgrade.

I've fixed the link. Thanks for pointing that out.

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