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We created a lot of our customer/subscriptions using the web portal and not the API.  The web portal does not currently allow you to create multiple subscriptions under a single client, i.e. it creates a dedicated client record for each subscription.  It would be great to have feature in the future that allows duplicate client records to be merged.

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It would be great to correlate customers based on something like email address. So that if a customer purchases twice, we see a single customer record and two subscriptions.

Can this be done?

Hey Dean,

Thanks for getting back to us.

With our new checkout pages, you can check the customer's validation using the unique email address and see if the customer already exists or not. If the customer already has a subscription with you, then when the customer wants to have another subscription, this gets created under the same customer record. This can be done by enabling the option, Allow customers to have multiple subscriptions under the Checkout & Self-Serve Portal settings page. Refer here to know about the checkout pages.

Hope this helps.

Hey Lee,

The only unique field for customers in Chargebee is the customer ID. Hence, there's no direct option to merge customers. If you're looking to eliminate duplicate customer records, you might need to delete the duplicate record and cancel the associated subscription and create it under the original customer record.

In that case, the only option would be to cancel the subscription associated with the duplicate customer record and import/create it against the existing customer, as mentioned in my previous email.

Hope this helps!

Is the merge customer feature now available? Or is it possible to attach a subscription to another customer so that we can delete the duplicate after that?

Hi Erwan, 

Thanks for expressing interest! Unfortunately, this is in the feature request at the moment and will be considered in the future. I've marked this discussion topic internally and will let you know when this is implemented.

And, yes! It is possible to attach a subscription to another customer by creating a new subscription and deleting the duplicate subscription. However, the new subscription created will not have start date of the original subscription. 

If you are particular about retaining start date of the original subscription, there is a workaround which will involve backing up and deleting the subscriptions and importing them under the main customer record. Past invoices can also be imported. This can be done using bulk operations or via APIs.

Hope this helps! 

+1 for us please.  We have many resellers that fill out the hosted page again and again.  It should list all of their accounts on one customer.

I'd like to keep my customers duplicated when applicable

Hi Mike,

The current flow follows this. When sign ups happen through hosted pages, duplicates will be generated.

Is there any update on this feature being added?

Hi Eric, 

Since we have other high priority features such as Credit Notes, Multi-currency sites and Avalara Tax lined up, we would be able to take it up only after this. Hence, we will keep you updated when we start working on merging of accounts option.

Thank you for submitting your feature request Keith. I have added this to our "Feature List" and we will post updates as we make progress.

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