Feature release announcements - February & March 2014

List of new features and improvements that have been added to ChargeBee in February & March 2014. This list will be updated as we make new releases.

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New Features:

PDF invoices as attachments

Invoice receipts can now be sent as PDF attachments along with the email notification.

Feature Enhancements:

Hosted Pages

You now have more control over the field elements and text content on the hosted pages. Specify which fields you need to show on the hosted pages (custom fields not

supported yet) and also edit the text content (useful for localization).

Here's more on that: https://www.chargebee.com/docs/hp_configuration.html

Note: This feature is currently only available for new users who've signed up after March 1st. For users who've signed up before that and need to switch over to the new hosted pages, contact us at support@chargebee.com to get this enabled. 


Dashboard gets 2 new additional details:

1. Committed Revenue. This is the expected revenue calculated from the revenue already received plus invoices in dunning and upcoming renewals.

2. Total Subscription count. A count of the total number of subscriptions that are currently in "Active" and "Non Renewing" state.


The coupon section gets search filters, sorting and advance filters making it much easier for you to locate coupons.

Daily Report

Our daily report email now has a new look and has links to the values indicated that will take you straight to the application.


Support for the Malaysian Ringgit and Nigerian Naira is now available.

API Enhancements:

API documentation revamped

Our API documentation gets a new look and has a responsive design making it easier to read on table and mobile devices.

API for creating coupons

You can now create coupons using our API.

Here's more on that: https://apidocs.chargebee.com/docs/api/coupons#create_a_coupon

API for updating plans and addons

We've now also released API to edit plans and addons

Invoice Refund API

Refunding invoices is possible through the API now. 

Here's more on that: https://apidocs.chargebee.com/docs/api/invoices#refund_an_invoice 

API to download PDF invoices

You can now use the API to retrieve a URL to download invoices in PDF format.

Read more: https://apidocs.chargebee.com/docs/api/invoices#retrieve_invoice_as_pdf

API for recording payments on invoices

Very useful for merchants using offline subscriptions to track ACH, cash and check payments. Earlier "Payment Due" invoices could only be recorded as "Paid" through the admin console, but this is now possible through the API as well.

Read more: https://apidocs.chargebee.com/docs/api/transactions#record_payment_for_an_invoice

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