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What data can be copied from the test site to the live site?

I want to know what information can be copied over from my test site into the Live site.

    What can be copied:

    1. Plans 
    2. Addons
    3. Coupons
    4. Email Notifications
    5. Email Wrappers
    6. SMTP Settings
    7. Themes


    Steps to copy:

    • Go to Settings -> Copy Sandbox Data (In live site)
    • Select the required items.
    • Click "Copy Sandbox Data" to copy the selected items to your Live site.


    • Items once copied to your Live site cannot be copied again. 
    • Changes made to the copied items in your test site after copying will not reflect in live site. Both items are independent. 
    • Be careful while selecting the items. Once copied over, it cannot be cleared.

    I dot see an option to carry over my email notifications or themes/ please advise.


    Hi Kramer,

    It seems you're on the new version of the Email Notifications page, that is why you are not able to see the different email templates in the Copy Configurations page. 

    The new email templates can be pushed to the Live site from the email notification settings. Head to Settings-> Email Notifications. Here above every separate mail, you can find the "Push to Live Site" option.



    You'll need to download the configured themes from the Test site and upload them on the Live site.

    You can find this option by going to Settings-> Checkout & self-service portal-> Themes. Choose a theme of your choice and download the theme.


     Once you download the theme, you can upload the same on your live site by going to the Themes page and choose the theme and upload it.

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