Can I change the renewal date of a subscription?

Yes, updating subscription billing cycles and next renewal date is possible in ChargeBee.

You can change the next renewal date of a subscription using our change term end API or from the admin console.

From admin console - 
  • Go to subscription details page
  • Click on "Change Next Billing / Change Cancel Date / Change Trial End" (Depending on the subscription's status)
  • Select the next renewal date and click on Change.
This will change the dates as according to the subscription status.
  • For trial subscriptions - this affects the trial end date. 
  • For active subscriptions - this affects the current term end and next billing date.
  • For non_renewing subscriptions - this affects the upcoming cancellation date.
Subscription's next billing cycle will start according to the new date specified.

e.g. - If you have a monthly subscription which renews on 1st of every month and you are changing the next renewal date from 1st to 10th. All upcoming renewals will happen on 10th of every month not on 1st.

This won't lead to any pro-ration charges in current/upcoming invoices and will not affect the billing period (monthly, yearly etc.) but only change the billing cycle.

Can the next billing cycle be set automatically to a specific date for a plan. Our members should always be billed at the 15th of each month even if they signed up on a different day of the month.Going into each subscription and update the next renewal day is not practical.

Can you please provide some additional information?

1. Your business model along with a workflow.

2. How do you manage the charge between renewal and sign up? Would you collect the complete fee?

We plan to use chargebee not so much for subscription, but rather an annual installment fee model for a club membership with a specific number of billing cycles. Members would have to signup for a different plan for the next year.

As an example lets assume I create a specific plan for 2018. 

A member can subscribe at any time to that plan. I then would like to collect the Setup Fee immediately at registration time and the monthly payments should always be collected the 15th of each month after the registration

If a member registers late, lets say 3/5/2018, then I would like to collect the Setup Fee 3/5/2018 at registration time and then the monthly payments should always be collected the fiveteenth of each following month. 3/15/2018, 4/15/2018, .... ,  2/15/2019

Of course it is normal to have overlapping subscriptions for a member if he registers one year late and the following year he registers early.

Ideally, we do not want to use the API to fiddle with the subscription to change the next billing dates. 

Thank you,

For example we have a total fee fee of 

Thanks for the detailed workflow!

Our developers are working to support the calendar billing feature which might support your model. This feature lets you choose when a billing cycle begins. We currently don't have an ETA but we'll notify you once it is implemented.


I have a use for this feature as well. We need to have a set calendar date every month for renewals, since we ship out a subscription box. 

Each plan should have it's own fixed renewal date, with a set number of buffer days. We have used a recurring subscription platform that had this feature as part of the subscription plan setup. 


Fixed renewal date is the 27th of the month, with a buffer of 27 days. (this makes the cut off the 1st of the month for new subscriptions to be charged and shipped out)

Customer signs up on the 4th day of March, is charged. They are not charged again until April 27th.

Fixed renewal date is the 27th of the month, with a buffer of 5 days. (this makes the cut off the 22nd of the month for new subscriptions to be charged and shipped out)

Customer signs up on the 21st day of March, is charged. They are charged again on March 27th.

As someone previous said it's not practical to change each subscription manually after the signup, and also the Thank you page would misinform the customer on the renewal date if we were to change it manually after they signup up. 

Hi there

Thanks for the detailed workflow!

I've forwarded your use case to our Product team and we'll get in touch with you if we require any further details.


Meena N

Hi Meena, 

Thanks for the quick response!

Just as a reference, I've attached three screenshots (2 of bold recurring orders, 1 of recharge) so that you can get some ideas of how others have done it. Although those companies are both apps built on shopify, I think the feature is an important one for monthly subscription boxes! 

Thanks again for your help, and please keep me updated on the progress of this feature!

Hi there

Thanks for this feedback and sharing the screenshots. I'll forward this to our Product team for their reference and we'll keep you posted about the feature when it's released.


This is something I'd be interested in using too. Is there an update?

Many thanks

Hi Holly

We've released the Calendar Billing feature which allows you to set a common billing date for all your subscriptions. Is this something you're looking for? Before we proceed, we would like to inform you that when you enable Calendar billing and introduce a new billing date, it will take effect from the next renewal of the subscription. In other words, the current ongoing term will not be altered and on the next renewal, the subscription period will be adjusted to sync with the newly introduced billing date.

For complete information on this, you can refer to this document. If you'd like to get this feature enabled on your sites, we need to understand your billing requirements in detail and have a small form for you to fill in. Would you mind taking a look and answering a few questions, so we have a better understanding on how best to set this up for your account? Here's the link to the form. 

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