Can I change my domain name?

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Once you sign-up with ChargeBee, you will be assigned a temporary domain (like to try our service. Once you are satisfied, you can claim your preferred domain name (like <your-business-name-> Each domain contains two sites by default.

  • <your-business-name> (eg,
  • <your-business-name-> (eg,

The test site is your sandbox environment that you can use to configure and test all your settings before you go live. The live site will be your actual site for charging customers.

So how do I change the temporary domain? i.e, to <your-business-name>

After sign-up, each page will have a bar stating "Own it by claiming your account". Just click and enter your business-name to claim yours. Simple right? :)

Currently there is no option to change the domain that you've specified when claiming your account, but if you really need to change your domain name, you can mail us at and we will be glad to change it for you.

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