Will invoices be generated for $0 plans? How do I suppress $0 line items in invoice?

How do I make sure customers do not receive unnecessary $0 invoices? Does ChargeBee generate them? And how can I make sure $0 line items are not displayed in the invoice? 

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For subscriptions that only consists of all line items having $0, invoices will not be generated during sign up or on renewal because there is nothing to be charged or shown to customers.

However, if the invoice total is $0, but there are non-zero line items included then an invoice is generated.

For example, if you are giving a 100% discount for the first month to a specific customer or the invoice is zero due to a credit, the customer should be made aware that you have given this discount or credit. For this reason an invoice is generated with those discount line items highlighted in them to keep them aware. 

Suppressing $0 line items

You can suppress $0 items from showing up in invoice using a configuration under settings. Navigate to Site Settings => Site Info => Check Hide zero amount line items. 

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