How to create multiple subscriptions for a single customer?

ChargeBee now supports multiple subscriptions for a single customer. This allows you to create additional subscriptions using an existing subscription’s customer details. The customer’s payment details are reused in the new subscriptions.

Why is support for multiple subscriptions needed?

When customers want to purchase a different product or service that has a different billing cycle than their existing subscription, creating a new subscription would be the easiest way to handle this.

Creating a new subscription would also require a customer to enter their payment details again, and with the support for multiple subscriptions, this step can be avoided.

How do I create multiple subscriptions for a customer?

Through the admin console

Under the "Subscriptions" tab, go to "Customers", open the specific customer and use the "Create New Subscription" option to create multiple subscriptions for existing customers.

Through the API

This can also be done using the create subscription for customer API call.

You can pass subscription based parameters like plan, add-on, coupon, number of billing cycles, etc.

Attributes that will be common for all subscriptions for a specific customer are:

  • Customer Details (name, email, company)
  • Payment Mode (Auto Collection [ON/OFF])
  • Card Details

If any of the attributes above is changed in a subscription, the changes will be reflected to all the other subscriptions for that customer.

E.g. Let us assume that you have a customer who has two subscriptions with “Auto Collection = Off”. When you set “Auto Collection=On” for one of the subscriptions, then the other subscription is automatically turned on as well.

This also means that different type of payment collection mode for each subscription is currently not possible.

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Is there a way to add multiple subscriptions of the same plan type and have them all appear on the same invoice? Or is each subscription on its own invoice?

Each subscription will have its own invoice because it created independent of the other subscriptions of the customer.

Is there any way to create new subscription for the same customer with hosted page system?


Hi Konstantin! A new subscription can be created in the admin console under Subscriptions> Customers. Click on the particular customer’s id and in the page that is directed, you would see the “Create New Subscription” option in the right hand side panel of the customer details page. It is also possible to do this via API using the “create subscription for customer” API call. At the moment, the Hosted Pages does not support this option.

Can we do this now with Hosted Pages? We are having the same issue.

Hey Juan,

Our hosted pages are currently designed to create one subscription at a time. Therefore, it isn't possible to create multiple subscriptions in one checkout at the moment.

However, supporting multiple subscriptions for a customer via hosted pages is in our product roadmap and I'll tag your request to expedite the priority. Though we do not have a firm ETA yet, we'll certainly reach out to you when it is made available in the future.

Hi Anand,

any updated on the chance to buy multiple subscription via hosted pages?

Thank you,


Hi Daniele,

We've not taken this up yet as our team is working on improving and building other high priority features such as Xero integration, Quickbooks integration, Multi Language Support, Multi Currency Support etc. We'll upvote the feature request once again to step up the priority and give you an update when it's taken up in future. 

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Hi Lakshmi,

Thank you for your quick replay, have a great weekend!

Any update on this? Definitely a feature I'd find valuable.

Hi Allana

Sorry, the possibility to create multiple subscriptions through the hosted page is still not available in Chargebee. Please be assured that this feature is on our roadmap and it would be considered.

If the subscription products are all of the same billing frequency, you can create a $0 base plan, create the multiple products as recurring addons and pass them to the hosted page URL. Here's more on including an addon during sign-up along with the hosted pages plan URL. Would this help until we implement the feature?


Meena N

Pls upvote :)

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Hi Cathan

This is something we support in checkout v3. Here's more information on the new checkout version.

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