How to create multiple subscriptions for a single customer?

ChargeBee now supports multiple subscriptions for a single customer. This allows you to create additional subscriptions using an existing subscription’s customer details. The customer’s payment details are reused in the new subscriptions.

Why is support for multiple subscriptions needed?

When customers want to purchase a different product or service that has a different billing cycle than their existing subscription, creating a new subscription would be the easiest way to handle this.

Creating a new subscription would also require a customer to enter their payment details again, and with the support for multiple subscriptions, this step can be avoided.

How do I create multiple subscriptions for a customer?

Through the admin console

Under the "Subscriptions" tab, go to "Customers", open the specific customer and use the "Create New Subscription" option to create multiple subscriptions for existing customers.

Through the API

This can also be done using the create subscription for customer API call.

You can pass subscription based parameters like plan, add-on, coupon, number of billing cycles, etc.

Attributes that will be common for all subscriptions for a specific customer are:

  • Customer Details (name, email, company)
  • Payment Mode (Auto Collection [ON/OFF])
  • Card Details

If any of the attributes above is changed in a subscription, the changes will be reflected to all the other subscriptions for that customer.

E.g. Let us assume that you have a customer who has two subscriptions with “Auto Collection = Off”. When you set “Auto Collection=On” for one of the subscriptions, then the other subscription is automatically turned on as well.

This also means that different type of payment collection mode for each subscription is currently not possible.

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Thanks @Meena, Can this be enabled on the test site first to see it in action?

Hi Cathal

You can switch to the new checkout version yourself from the test site. Go to Settings > Checkout and Self Serve Portal > use the in-app banner to toggle.

Is this feature to add multiple subscriptions to a single hosted checkout page available yet? 

Hey Alex,

Currently, the customer can create more than one subscription under the same record using the unique email address during the checkout process. So, the customer can create subscription A by doing the checkout process for plan A and create subscription B by going through the checkout process for plan B. However, it is not possible to create multiple subscriptions from the same checkout page, as the checkout page is generated for a specific plan.

Hope this helps!

Is it possible to limit the customer to only have 1 subscription per plan (but are still allowed to have multiple subscriptions to other plans?). We have monthly subscriptions for different services, and we dont want a user to be able to subscribe to the same monthly service twice, but are allowed to subscribe to other services using the same credit card information.

Hey Kris,

Thanks for submitting your question.

Currently there is no direct way to restrict a customer to a have a single subscription per plan. I would suggest that you run a check on your end when a customer tries to purchase a plan, by getting their email address and see if they have a subscription. If they do, you could use the Retrieve a subscription API and get the subscription data and check if it is the same plan. 

Based on the result, you could either display a message to the customer or allow them to proceed and create a new subscription. 

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