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Can I change the way the hosted checkout pages look?

Yes. You can change the look and feel of the hosted pages in ChargeBee through the admin console.

There are 2 types of appearances you can choose from:

  • Hosted Pages Themes
  • Simple Hosted Pages

You can switch between the two at any time.

Hosted Pages Themes: This lets you to customize look and feel of hosted pages to match your website or app. The themes are built with Twitter’s Bootstrap framework and they are responsive, making them compatible for viewing on multiple devices (PC, mobile, tablet, etc).

What can you customize?

  • Html pages.
  • Theme specific CSS can be edited to match your need.
  • Images can also be changed.

How do you customize?

Go to Settings > Hosted Pages Settings > Themes. Click on the “Switch to Themes” button.

We have a few ChargeBee sample themes you can download, edit, upload, preview and apply to your  hosted  payment pages. The theme file is in a .zip format and editing is quite easy.


More details on customizing themes is explained here.

Simple Hosted Pages: This is default and basic version of the hosted pages. Customization of the simple hosted pages is very limited.

What can you customize?

  • You can change favicon and company logo.
  • Add a header text in case you are not going to upload a logo.
  • You can change header color and font as well.

How do you customize?

Go to Settings > Hosted Pages Settings > Themes. Click on the “Switch to Basic” button (if a theme is currently selected). You can use this screen to make your changes.

Click here to learn more about using simple hosted pages.


With ChargeBee's Hosted Payment Pages Version 2 Themes were introduced.

[Note: To identify if you are using the latest version of hosted pages, please go to Settings, if you see  Theme Gallery  under Hosted Pages Settings then you are using the New Hosted Pages. If  not and if you wish to switch to the new hosted pages then please write to us at]

With ChargeBee themes you have the option to completely customize the look at feel of the checkout page including the layout, font, text, fields and color.

The Customer Portal:

The self service customer portal gives the customer to option to manage their own account, billing, shipping, payment and subscription information. 

Go to Settings > Hosted Page Settings > Customer Portal to enable the customer portal

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