Plan price with taxes

Can i get a TAX amount aplied to a plan in a suscription of a customer with the API?

If I make in JAVA: 

Environment.configure( subdomain, apiKey);
Result result = Plan.retrieve( planId ).request();
Plan plan = result.plan();

The plan gives me the amount without TAX ("price").

How can i get with the API the GENERAL TAX value configured in SETTINGS -> SITE SETTINGS -> Taxes ?


Hello David,

Currently, we do not expose the tax applied for plan directly in our API. However, you can get the tax applied for the plan using our create subscription estimate API. Call this API with just the plan ID "subscription[plan_id]". This will give you the tax amount and details applied for the given plan.

This is just an in-memory operation and will not try to create the subscription.



Hi, I tried the following and my tax fields are all empty and my price is denoted in cents? i.e. 100 times the price I set in the plan definition. Any tips? Thanks!


           EntityResult result = Estimate.CreateSubscription()
                  .SubscriptionPlanId(planId) //.AddonId(1, "on_call_support")
            Estimate estimate = result.Estimate;


I am using Euro and Germany: there is apparently something funky going on with the comma and decimal rules. When I enter a price in the Plan Editor, I enter it as 10 and the editor changes it to 10,00 Euro (that is 10 comma 00) which is appropriate for Germany. Then, I observe the plan after saving and it is now 10.00 (10 dot 00) Euro, which then apparently interpreted in the API using the German rules which produces 1000 instead of 10.00 (EN) 10,00 (German). My browser is in EN but my country for the CB site is set to German. My ugly workaround is to define my plan with Germany, Euro, Price 0.10 Euro, which then displays as 10.00 Euro via the Estimate API. 

Please advise. Internationalization I18N is as complicated as the word is to pronounce. It is a real pain, but it is necessary for a worldwide service and can be made to actually work :-)

Hey Richard!

The amount should be entered in Cents in the API, so 10 Euros would be 1000. Also, the response returned by ChargeBee would have the amount in cents. In the admin console, when you edit the amount, ChargeBee takes in the value in decimal amount ie. as 10.00 (just to make the editing uniform). However, when we display the amount, we do it based on the standard formatting for currency as well as the country. We understand that I18N is an important issue and we are planning to support it sometime in Q3. 

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