How to create subscriptions to pay by invoice, credit card and other offline methods (paypal, wire transfer, bank transfer).

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If you are a physical goods retailer or a SaaS product that does not offer free trials, you need the ability to create subscriptions without trials. 

If the customer signs up with credit card directly it is straight forward, as you will be charging them directly as soon as they signup. But there are scenarios where businesses want to onboard customers without credit card (pay by invoice, where you receive payments offline). So, how do you create such subscriptions using ChargeBee?

Through the admin console: (without credit card)

You can create a new subscription through the ChargeBee admin console by setting "Auto Collection" OFF. The reason why we need to do this is because currently there isn't an option to add card details while creating a subscription through the admin console. Once the subscription is created, use the "Add credit card" option in the details page of that subscription to add the credit card information for that customer.

If and when the credit card is added, "Auto Collection" will automatically be turned ON. You can collect payment for any unpaid invoices by using the "Collect Now" option in the invoice details page. 

Using the hosted payment pages: (sign up with credit card)

You can create a new subscription and add customer and card details through our plan specific hosted page.To do this, use the plan's hosted page URL that you will find at the bottom of the plan details page. 

Via the API: (with or without credit card).

If you are  going to integrate with ChargeBee using our API, here's how you can create subscriptions:

To create subscriptions for which you will receive payments offline, set the "customer[auto_collection]" parameter "OFF". By default, it is "ON". 

Subscriptions can be created in 3 different ways as described above. Depending on your scenario, you can choose the method that works best for you.

For subscriptions that have a trial period, you can create them without a credit card but the card details needs to be present when the trial period ends. If the card is not present, the subscription will be canceled if they continue to remain on a plan with non-zero pricing.

How do I reconcile invoices that are paid offline?

For subscriptions that are created in offline payment mode, you can record the payment on the invoices that are due payment. Here's how:

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