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Payment gateway options for Indian companies

What are the payment options available for companies incorporated in India? 

Which payment gateways are supported by Chargebee? Or which payment gateways can I use to manage subscriptions as a startup in India? 

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Note: Chargebee is NOT a payment gateway and we are not integrated with any Indian payment gateways. Because of that, we cannot support any companies incorporated in India at this time.

Indian Companies Incorporated in India

There are very few recurring billing payment options for startups incorporated in India. 

None of the Indian gateways support recurring billing due to RBI regulation for domestic transactions. 

If you are a SAAS startup focusing on a global market there are few payment options available. To charge international customers, here are a few options to consider.

2. SaaSy
3. PayPal Standard 

These payment gateways can be used to sell to international customers with a recurring billing option. They come with their own built-in subscription management solution and you can use them directly without the need for a separate recurring billing solution. Chargebee does not support these payment gateways at the moment.

Please go through these solutions to see if they would fit your needs. 

Companies like 2Checkout restrict their services to specific categories and have a long list of categories for whom they do not provide account. Here is the prohibited product list from 2checkout.

If you do plan on using Indian payment gateways (which do not have a recurring billing option) such as EBS, CC Avenue etc, you could probably model your subscriptions with a quarterly, half-yearly or annual plans. This is just to alleviate the need for customers to enter their card details every month.

Here is a brief comparison of payment gateway options in India, compiled by NextBigWhat.

Indian Companies Incorporated in the United States

If you have an incorporation in the US, then you will be able to apply for a US payment gateway account. You will however need a US bank account and SSN number. We support most of the popular payment gateways in the US. Here is a list of payment gateways supported by Chargebee

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hey, will u please tell me in details that how payment gateway properly work?

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Hi Ghan

A payment gateway is a merchant service provided that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses. Chargebee is a subscription management system which will handle all your recurring billing, invoicing and life cycle management starting from trial for your customers. We work on top of payment gateways and provide an integration with them.

Unfortunately, we are not a payment gateway by ourselves but we work with them to collect payments online using our recurring billing platform.

Here’s a list of payment gateways we support by country.

 good one..nice report


You can see the various Payment Gateway provider In India for getting your online Payment options for Indian companies. 

Best online payment gateways in India Punjab

Thanks for the suggestion, Shruti. 

why don't you go for MTFX? it is secure and reliable additionally it provides multiple options for payment processing.

why don't you go for MTFX? It provides secure transaction with multiple payment processing options. 

Thanks for the input. I have passed on your suggestion to the team. We will let you when it is supported in the future

Paypal and stripe are also best payment gateways for India.

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