Feature release announcements - June 2013

List of new features and improvements that have been added to ChargeBee in June 2013. This list will be updated as we make new releases.

Request Card Details

You can now generate and email a secure credit card update link to your subscribers from the ChargeBee admin console.

Find out more here.

New Payment Gateways Supported:


PayPal PayFlow Pro 


Feature Enhancements:

1. Additional filters included in the events section to specify advanced search criteria.

2. Support for retaining applied filters after viewing results and hitting the back button.

New Feature: Custom Fields for API Users

You can now have custom fields added to your site upon request. Use the custom fields request form here to send us the details of the fields required. Once we've added the custom fields, they will be available to you in the admin console as well as through the API. 

We will be coming out with the support for custom fields on the hosted payment page as well.

Feature Enhancements:

1. Company name can be used as an advanced filter criteria now when filtering through the subscription list.

2. Coupons have been updated with additional functions. Our coupon documentation has been updated with the new changes.


Here's more information on what has changed as well:


3. ARPU report now includes one time charges and total refunded amount as part of the data.

4. API to change the subscription term end has been released.


5. Pre-filling the hosted payment pages with data such as name and email address is now supported. If these details are collected on a previous page, they can be pre-populated on the hosted payment page.

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