Global Tax Support

We are implementing support for global tax. You will be able to configure tax rates for different countries and provinces (applicable for Canada, Australia etc.). The tax will be calculated and applied based on the tax rates you've configured for the specific location. 

The tax calculation logic based on customer billing address will be automated - specifically for EU Member states and Canada.

Here's the interface for Tax Settings (early version). We'd like to hear your suggestions. 

This looks fantastic and flexible enough to cover almost all variations needed. What would be great is if you could name the federal tax as in B.C. we need to say 5% GST and 7% PST on the invoice. It is important that we have 2 line items for tax in provinces that have 2 taxes (pst + gst).

We also need to have the ability to have products that don't have the second tax applied (pst). For instance, web hosting only requires GST even if a province has PST.. And when selling outside of Canada, we don't have to charge tax at all.

We also need to be able to specify 2 tax ID's on our invoices; our GST # and our PST #. Now that I think about it,  this could be dealt with in the single field you offer "GST #: XXXXXXXX | PST #: XXXXXXX"


Just my thoughts. Love where you are going with it though =)

I'm also in BC Canada.
In my case I sell digital products so I don't actually need to add PST...just the GST of 5%.

So far this new tax system you are working on looks great!

Thanks Jade,

When you configure tax, you will have flexibility to set all PST tax rates to "Zero". So, only GST tax will be added to the invoices. You will be able to configure province tax anytime later.

How do you want the tax for the provinces that has HST to be handled? Your inputs will help us design this better. 

Also we will be sharing mock-ups for adding the country tax soon. We'd like to hear more suggestions. 


Thanks Casimir. :)

The tax line items will be printed individually in invoice. If it is HST it will be printed as a single line item. 

We will have label option for federal tax (GST) so you can define how it should be printed on invoice. 

Would all the products that you sell have similar tax type or do you have product groupings that have different types of taxes applicable in your business? Trying to understand how different types of products will be managed within ChargeBee and how taxes can be configured specific to those, if required. Thanks.


Unfortunately the BC government has changed their definition of what is taxable under PST and pretty much anything that touches a computer, regardless of it being a physical product or not is now taxable. Check out this bulletin for a glance at their obsurd, all encompassing definition of software:


Personally I will only have products that need both taxes, but it will be a common case for someone to have a mix of products/plans where some require both and some only require federal. So it would be ideal to design the system to be able to handle both. Maybe you can have it that when you create a plan/product you can choose which tax to apply to it?

Provinces with just HST kinda confuse things. Let's say you set the federal tax to GST and the provincial taxt tax for Ontario to HST. That is already confusing because HST is technically federal tax but is now in the provincial tax area. And you would have to set it to be applied instead of federal tax. But this might be the only way to do it without having to add complexity by defining federal tax label for each region. How you currently have it in the mock-up seems to be the best solution.

It's important to not just show tax line items, but to have an area on the invoice that shows the companies tax id numbers. Could either be with the line item or somewhere else on the invoice. This is required by the CRA.

I hope this helps =) Thanks for being so awesome with this feature!


Thanks Casimir,

Your inputs are very helpful. 

We understand the scenario of having products with different type of taxes. We will think through this specific use case and try to find out a better solution. BTW, we are adding a check-box at product level to specify if the product is taxable (as a first step).

We already have the placeholder on invoice to show the companies tax id number. We will find out a way to show multiple tax id numbers on invoice and get back to you.

Thanks again for all the fantastic inputs. :)

I am really excited to start using chargebee with this functionality as we are (hopefully) going to start marketing in other provinces =)

Another great piece of functionality would be easy tax reporting. For instance, I have to remit GST quarterly and PST monthly. So it would be great if I could go to the reporting section and have it show me how much PST I collected for a given time period.

Any thoughts on when you will be launching this?

Let me know and have an awesome day.


Thanks Casimir. 

We will be providing custom date filtering on all reports, so that should definitely address this need. It is a great input to know the periodicity of the tax items. Will take it up. 

I will let Vaibhav comment on the timelines. He is actively working on developing this. 

Thanks. Have a wonderful day. 


Has there been any word from Vaibhav on when you believe this will be ready to go live? No stress, just wondering.

Have an awesome day.



Hello Casimir,

We are working on this feature and now doubling up effort (people & effort!) to get this out soon hopefully within the end of the month. Apologies for the delay. Just trying to think through scenarios and get it right. We appreciate your help in inputs and the encouragement to know that you are waiting to get your hands to it. :)

In the next 3 weeks we will circle back to setup your configuration and test it out thoroughly while completing our testing. Hopefully that will also help accelerate all validations to ensure a smooth roll out. 

We will co-ordinate with you to get your invoices also imported for your reporting (you mentioned that in another email and will respond to that separately).  

Thank you and have a wonderful day. 



You are all fantastic! There is no stress on my end, so do what you need to do and let me know if I can help with anything at all.

Have an awesome day!


Just signed up for ChargeBee and this is the one thing I couldn't figure out how to do. How far away is this feature? I don't want to have to mess around with add-ons to do tax.

@Mike We got a bit sidetracked with other major tasks the past couple of weeks, but we'll resume working on getting this out soon. 

I was curious when you might be finished with this feature. It looks like it may solve a problem we have with State sales tax here in the US.


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