Global Tax Support

We are implementing support for global tax. You will be able to configure tax rates for different countries and provinces (applicable for Canada, Australia etc.). The tax will be calculated and applied based on the tax rates you've configured for the specific location. 

The tax calculation logic based on customer billing address will be automated - specifically for EU Member states and Canada.

Here's the interface for Tax Settings (early version). We'd like to hear your suggestions. 

Wendy, we are still working on a couple of high priority items and have not yet resumed working on the global tax support feature. Tax support is on top of our priority list and we will certainly take it up again. However, we do not have a firm ETA on this yet.

Has the Sales Tax support been released?  Also, do you integrate with Avalara If not it would be a good idea.  I like your software a lot but in comparing it with some of the others that have this feature, this might be a key deciding feature. 

alternatively, since we are developers, can we call the Avalara APIs from a standard "out of the box" implementation to calculate sales tax? So before we invoke the recurring billing, can we automatically make calls out of the standard "out-of-the-box" chargebee implementaiton.  Peri is the pre-sales guy helping me and i would love to get on a conference call with him and an engineer in our company to discuss this?

Sales tax implementation is on top of our list for this year and we will be implementing this in the next couple of months. For now you could use our metered billing feature, calculate taxes in Avalara and add the tax amount as a line item to the invoices. For the first invoice, you could create the subscription with a future date and then add the tax as a charge to the upcoming invoice.

So could you tell me when it will be done?

Why I Just can not set tax rate manually for each customer  or setup custom tax rate for subscription?

This topic was started 2 years ago.

And you just can not implement such simple feature as TaxRate.

Now I have reasonable doubts about using your service in our company.

Hi Vladislav,

We apologize for the delay, but our team is actively working on this right now and this feature will be out by early Q2.

So, it's almost Q3, and this feature still doesn't seem to be out yet (or it's hidden somewhere). Any updates?



Hi Christian,

We've already started working on this feature. We've broken it down to several small features and are in the process of releasing them one by one. Since the application of tax could either be based on the origin address (your business address) or the destination address (your customer address), we started working on the "Organization Addess" feature. As you may already know, we recently released  this feature and revamped the invoice to include it. Next, we will be releasing the tax at the “Line Item” level. We will complete the “Tax” feature in 2 months.

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