Custom Fields for Hosted Payment Pages

Our current hosted payment page comes with the basic information required to create a subscription. We decided that we should offer more. By adding custom fields, merchants will now be able to gather more information from their buyers when they make a purchase.

If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share about this upcoming feature, please do post them here.

I'd be keen on this. Ie. A customer could pick a style choice and a colour choice with their order

@Nicky: Thanks for your interest. As a first cut, we will allow custom fields on the hosted page based on your inputs. Later on users will have high level customization options to manage their custom fields themselves.

Custom Fields for API Users

You can now have custom fields added to your site upon request. Use the custom fields request form here to send us the details of the fields required. Once we've added the custom fields, they will be available to you in the admin console as well as through the API. 

We will be coming out with the support for custom fields on the hosted payment page as well.

Custom fields are now supported on the hosted pages. Checkout how it's done here.

it would be good if you could add the add ons at the Hosted payment pages that way they could add an extra photo shoot ect...

Thank you for the feedback Gareth. Providing addon purchase support on the hosted pages is already on our road map. When we do implement it, we will announce it. We do not have an ETA for now.

Can you add two factor SMS authentication to a signup/sign in process to the customer portals?


Hey Kalu!!

At the moment, we do not support SMS authentication during sign up. This is part of our roadmap but we do not have an ETA. The Customer Portal can only be accessed by customers who have already signed up in order to manage their subscription and account details. Here’s more information on our Customer Portal.

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