New Payment Page Design Prototypes

We're re-designing the hosted payment page to optimize it for conversions and we'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions on how you would like it to be. Here's a few of them.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

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i like A the best.

@Etienne - thanks for the feedback.

I see big problems with Page A:

  1. Information on the right is mostly ignored by users (we are customed that ads are there, so we pay less attention to them). How much is charged is important information, and I want it to be noticable
  2. A wider design is more difficult to handle for smaller screen sizes (which is a big issue since phones & tablets are more common)
  3. Customers might get frustrated when they can't find the coupon option, which is more difficult to find in design A

So I would definitly advise against option A.

What I'd prefer is option B. I would change the message a bit: I would remove this sentence: "Once the transaction goes through, the new account features will be available for you to use." This isn't about payments and can only confuse the customer.

I also have some ideas that you could consider:
  1. When putting in the card number - highlight the appropriate card next to the input field (these are standard number patters per card).
  2. With CVV - adjust the message (Last 3 - 4 digits) to say only the number of digits appropriate for the card that was given.
  3. The field "State" only makes sense in the American market : make the fields asked for an address configurable 
  4. Perhaps you could make a hosted page so that you could configure a default country
  5. An option for Google Analytics Code (this is naturally not visible to a customer)
  6. Text on "subscribe" button customizable

@Glenn - Thank you for all your feedback. We will certainly consider them.

Some ideas we're already working on:

4. Based on the browser's locale, select the country automatically. Would that be a better way of doing it?

5. GA is already on the final stages of testing and we've released it to a few customers. A public release will be out soon.

6. Editing the text on the "Subscribe" button is part of a major feature we're going to release. Stay tuned for more on this.

Our latest exhibit attached. The logo that appears on top will be yours instead of ChargeBee's.

(268 KB)

Exhibits E and F attached.

Best is to give templates with all above versions. Your customer will choose what fits his needs.

Some business requires additional data, some are focused on quick deal closing

We have 2 custom themes at the moment and we're working on adding more hosted page design options for users to choose from.