EU VAT Support?

Is EU VAT supported in ChargeBee?

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Yes. EU VAT is supported in ChargeBee.

For more details, refer our documentation here:  

Currently the linked page has information that is going to be changed 1st Jan 2015.

The part:

"If the purchase is a merchant to person transaction, irrelevant of where the buyer is from within EU, then the tax applicable is based on the merchant’s country. "

will change so that the tax is based on buyer's country.

Will ChargeBee support this and will the support be available in Jan 2015?

(Background info about the change: This does not apply to all sales, but probably to big part of ChargeBee's clients selling subscription based services.)

With the upcoming VATMOSS regulation changes on January 1, 2015, a bunch of VAT regulations are changing in the EU. 

VAT needs to be applied based on the location of consumer than the seller. 

Along with this there are a few other changes like storing of evidences of billing address, IP of buyer. 

We are working on the changes and will be ready to make a smooth transition & have our customers ready for 1-Jan-2015. 

The corresponding help documents will also be modified as we roll out the feature soon. 



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